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girl_tm [userpic]
collaborators wanted for large anti-consumerist event!
by girl_tm (girl_tm)
at May 12th, 2009 (06:19 pm)


I've just started a non-profit organization called The S.W.A.P. Team, and we organize large-scale clothing swaps to benefit local communities. We're looking for community-oriented activists  to help us bring our popular event to more cities!

Everyone who we work with is a volunteer and none of us are paid. However, since we do have some sponsorships and funding, The S.W.A.P. Team does provide centralized logistics, marketing and PR support, which really helps to get the word out and create a feeling of a broader "movement" - one of sharing and consumption awareness - which are critical to our mission.

Our web site is going live at the end of this month and we have already secured dates in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Want to get involved in your city? Please post any questions here or email me at aleece (dot) germano (at) gmail (dot) com.

Let's talk swap!

p.s. you can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook for news and event updates. Thanks!